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Health Care Reform Weekly Update – 9/06/09

September 9, 2009

News from the front

To our weekly readers,
I have been having a great response to the newsletter which has been sent out weekly to approximately 2000 people, gaining new readers each week. Thank you for passing this to your relatives, friends and neighbors as we continue our fight.

I would like to take a moment to restate my commitment to bringing you updated information, opinions and analysis on the present health care reform debate and how this could cause a detrimental impact on the present doctor-patient model.

In addition, I will attempt to bring you resources for solutions to the problem that our present imperfect system presently has as I, like many of you, would like improved access, affordablity and quality for all Americans , but not in the form of more government intervention. The debate on health care reform sometimes crosses the line between this narrow focus and the larger political landscape. I will not deliberately attempt to cross this line and will try to restrict my offerings to my previous stated objective, although sometimes the two are inadvertently joined together. I recognize and respect people that have different points of view and hope we can continue a dialogue with this important topic. I will continue to present my point of view from this perspective and hope in that spirit we can all work toward improving our present health care system.

For those that are in support of this objective…Continue to BE engaged- continue your interest in this important area… educate- through updated news items and finally advocate by sending this newsletter to others…Together, I am confident, we will make a difference in the outcome.

Before you take ACTION…please go to my blog (click below) and read my weekly updates so you keep up with the current info and please be sure to leave your comments and suggestions.

To those that are not in support of these views, please unsubcribe (see below) and will take you off our mailing list.

-Paul R. Ehrmann, D.O.

Nugget of the Week


Trojan Horse Health Care

Here is a multiple choice question?

What is “the Trigger”?

a. An insect
b. Lone Rangers horse
c. a variation of the public (more government) option under consideration in the Senate Finance.

If you chose b and c you are correct.
While I used to love watching the lone ranger, but lets just talk about C.

The “gang of six” (3 majority and 3 minority leaders on the Senate Finance Committee) are now down to the gang of 3 plus or minus 1. Senators Grassley and Enzi are pretty much out of the running. While they want reform for all Americans, they just do not want it the way the other three majority leaders want it. Congratulations for holding the line on more government in our health care system.

Now come Senator Olympia Snowe (R)-Maine, the sole remaining gang of three from the minority party side. She developed a public option with trigger. The basic premise of the trigger is that there will not be a public option (that will be a difficult sell to the House) unless private insurances hits predetermined financial thresholds.

I am in no way defending private insurances because things need improvement and reform however, we all know how good the government is about future financial projections. History has shown that it is almost always underestimated.

Since the majority party is setting up the rules of the game, it is a bit unrealistic and disengenous to think that there could be real competition between public and private options. Once private insurers are undercut will dissapear, leaving only one option, the public option. Just like they could with Cooperatives in the Senate, when private insurances are unable be to meet that budgetary set point, enter the trigger and once it is pulled (set up 5-10 years from now when our present congress are all retired) , a public option is the law of the land, creating the foothold needed on its way toward incremental single payer nationalized health care which is the self acclaimed long term intent of this administration.

If the details are agreed upon, it would be made to appear that there would be “bipartisan effort” with this lone support. Whether Senator Snowe comes on board or not, Chairman, Senator Baucus has promised by Septemeber 15th to move forward by any means necessary (in a “bipartisan” way assuming he has 60 votes in the Senate with Senator Snowe or if he does not have the votes attempting to jamming it down our throats using the reconciliation parliamentary procedure which the Senate needs just 51 votes (
Either way, it will be a contentious battle, led by in fighting within the majority party iteself.

Whatever shakes out at this juncture, there is a long way to go.

I hope all our readers had a nice holiday weekend and are recharged. We are in the early phases of the battle to protect the lives of our family with minimal government interference in our health care choices. Our politicians are in the fight of their life also. The only difference it is their political life. Those that have more will, will prevail.

Action Items of the Week

1. Watch the Presidential Speech on Wednesday P.M. to Joint Session of Congress
2. Educate, become informed and tell your friends, neighbors and relatives
3. Keep the bigger picture always in mind.

Upcoming Events (3)

What: National Summit
Where: Arlington, VA
When: October 2-3
Who: Americans for Prosperity


What: Roundtable from Heartland Institute on Health Care Reform
Where: Oakland University
When: Wednesday September 16-8 a.m.-12 noon
Who: Cosponsor-Heartland Institute and Mackinac Center


What: National march on Washington
Where: Washington D.C.
When: September 12th
Who: Tea Party

Cartoon of the Week


Top 5 Must Reads of the Week

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2. Preview perspective of Joint House address Opinion

3. More preview on upcoming speech

4. Health Care and Independents

5. Alternative Solutions for Health Care Reform
House of Representatives bill 3400 ( alternative to present HR 3200
Senate Bill S 1099 ( to HELP bill soon to merge with Finance bill if it gets out of committee

Website of the Week

1. Perspective on Public Option trigger-Do you agree?

2. Howard Dean and Tort Reform