26 Weeks until Prez Election – May 27th, 2012

To all our fallen heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country and families safe.
Remember them and what they fought for, working hard everyday toward November 6th!
Thank you!

Simply Defeat Obama-Does not matter by who. If this does not happen, nothing else happens.

Message: Watch what he does, not what he says and analyze decision making strategy to the election run up i.e. his actions on what is good for our country vs what is good only for his reelection campaign.

Goals and Objectives:

1. Will provide more than sound bites.

I will try to go beneath the surface and do my best every week to keep subscribers dependable, up to date articles, audio and video from lamestream and non-main stream news sources with occasional personal commentary.

2. Request that recipients disseminate this information through your social network (facebook, twitter, linkedin, email, word of mouth etc) especially to those undecided voters at this point. Remember, at the end of the day, it will be what goes on in the voting booth.

3. Major Focus of each week will depend on news of the week, which may include:

a. Domestic issues (Economy, Jobs, Healthcare)-Most important in polls

b. Foreign issues-Primarily the Middle East.

c. The Election

4. Minor Focus on:

a. Social issues

The Election
The Middle East
The Doctor is not In
He will be out for the next 30 years
But the Prez will brag that he took out Bin Laden
In fact, lets make a movie about it for my reelection campaign
Senator Ted Stevens and Obamacare
Ted Stevens and Obamacare 60th vote
How Lie from the Prosecuting attorney=Obamacare
Backround on the Ted Stevens Debacle
Public Corruption 2008 Ted Stevens
Public Corruption Not, Ted Stevens-2012
Listen on NPR…see attached
Public corruption Not and Prosecutorial Professional Misconduct and key vote in Obamacare loss March 2010
Two Prosecutors Are Blamed For Botched Stevens Trial – WSJ.com
If Supreme Court Overturns ObamaCare, Democrats And Republicans Face Risks In Political Firestorm
20 million for new Obamacare PR hit | Washington Examiner


Heritage Foundation

Learn a chart a week so you can tell your undecided voter friends


States and update health exchanges

Click here: Health Policy Tracker by CQ Roll Call




No Quitting!



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