39 Weeks until Prez Elections – Feb. 15, 2012

Very busy news week…

I am going have to step out of my usual health care message this week.  I can no longer stand by and just report news on healthcare since if this President is reelected, Obamcare implementation is inevitable.
First is the best of the best this past week followed by an opinion
Here is an enlightening article that I must have missed on the World News with Dianne Sawyer
Wondering if our Congress would have voted for Obamacare if they new this ahead of the vote to pass it.  I guess Pelosi was wrong.  Pass it but the “Price was wrong. Bi…..”-…Bob Barker Happy Gilmore
Obamacare Architect | Health Care Premium Increases | Gruber | The Daily Caller
Son of Sam=State Insurance Exchanges
Just Say No
Insurance Exchange: Just say no | Richmond Times-Dispatch
Obamas budget Strengthens IPAB
Contraception and more mandates…
Hoping SCOTUS is watching
Teet Nation Rant
A Call to Action
The actions of this President is everything about political expediency with his ends justifying his often dishonest and unethical process=means (viz and viz passing of Obamacare as only one of several example).
Executive orders, mandates, recess and czar appointments, class and race divisions,  with no respect for the Constitution in order to conquer by dividing..why even have general elections in this administration since the will of the people mean nothing to this President.
Is that the direction our country really wants to go?
Not to mention the building of the welfare and entitlement state that this administration is building in order to make us a “teet nation”  (like Greece?..how is that working out?) making us more dependent on the government* and those that become part of this club then continue to vote for the hand that feeds them and the cycle goes on and on throughout the rest of our lives.
Can you imagine if this is going on in an election year, how much worse it will be if he is reelected!  As one example, Obamacare without any doubt will be implemented.
We will gain some insight in June or July with the SCOTUS decision.
What can we do?
Remember, the forth quarter of this game starts in August at the convention.
As tough as it is watching those that oppose him right now , we know come August all will come in under one tent as a  new Presidential challenger and VP  will be selected. At that point, I am hoping all those who want to return our country back to greatness will come together and continue to work toward that end.
Our only and last chance is this November. We will not get a second chance.
Whoever wants it bad enough will win.
We must start to ask ourselves:
“What can I do now to get involved in the process, whether it by our feet, our wallet, our pen or
our lips?”
*Keep this around. Study it every week.

Keep the Faith

Tell your Friends

Stay Engaged



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