77 Weeks Till Prez Elections – Wed. June 15, 2011

Sally Pipe (ing) up…Go Sally, Go!!
Click here: Medinnovation: Health Reform and Alternatives to Obamacare
WeinerShnitzel and Obamacare-Like Peas in a Pod
The Courts and Obamacare
Click here: Rivkin and Casey: Why ObamaCare Is Losing in the Courts – WSJ.com
Love the quote about baseball
Of course they won’t review… Would not be opaque and not transparent
But wait, there’s more…
Don’t look behind that curtain….The great and powerful Mayo!
Click here: Mayo opposes key health reform provision | StarTribune.com
The real deal in Mass.
Click here: Medical Economics: RomneyCare: Canary in the coal mine not looking very healthy
Uh Oh, Washington, we have a problem…
Click here: Medical Economics: Majority of ACO prototype testers have serious reservations
Kind of interesting since coming from mainstream media
and one final one…

Our Country
By the People, For the People

Keep the Faith!
Stay engaged!


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