85 Weeks Until Prez Elections – Newsletter for Wed. April 20, 2011

Possible State Model-Arizona SB 1593
Click here: Measure keeps Arizonans in health-care driver’s seat
Obamacare/Ryancare Opinion
Click here: Jenkins, Jr.: Obama-Ryan Plan—A Progress Report – WSJ.com
related story
Land of the IPAB
Click here: Review & Outlook: The Other Medicare Cutters – WSJ.com
and related story
Click here: House Democrats’ defections threaten Obama’s Medicare advisory board – The Hill’s Healthwatch
Down Please… since PPACA passed as law March 2010-Recent AP Poll…Just 35% support Obamacare
even lower among Seniors
BTW..tried to access pollster.com (know owned by huffington-it did not work-just wondering)..maybe I will try later.
So, in response…. PR machine cranks up…
Click here: New Health Care Advocacy Group Launches With $5 Million In The Bank (EXCLUSIVE)
and related story
RyanCare selling out Seniors?  Who’s zooming Who….One of the real culprits!
Click here: Did AARP Sell Out Seniors? – FoxBusiness.com
U.S. Networks Ignore Baby Joseph Story
Not So Fast
Stay Engaged
Keep the Faith

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