89 Weeks Till Prez Elections-Weekly Update Dr. Paul

I think this video says it all…chilling
Now onto Obamacare
Click here: Kathleen Sebelius: GOP Health Care Move Would Cut Benefits
Comment: Ok lets talk about cutting benefits shall we
Cooking the Books-Version 20
Comment: One more piece of compelling evidence …
“Got to have more Cowbell” Christopher Walken SNL…More Waiver…
Cancer Survivors Increase
Click here: U.S. Has Nearly 12 Million Cancer Survivors
Comment: Will Obamacare continue to make good on these numbers or  will HHS (Berwick, Sebelius and the IPAB-still not appointed) decrease these numbers in order to save money for the common good-Just asking!
28+1 New Hampshire overrides State AG and joins Obamacare Constitutionality Lawsuit
“Thick as a Brick”-Jethro Tull (for those old enough to remember)-How Transparent is this?
“Nice try on health care Record Request but sorry no”
Stay engaged
Keep the faith
This weeks assignment
Action Needed…
Kicking the C.R. (continuation resolution) Can down the road three more weeks.
Comment: This is unacceptable and we must make our feelings know to our U.S. Representatives and
Senators who voted not to defund Obamacare..that is not why we elected these guys especially in the House!…
Recess coming up on march 21..They will be back in their districts…so should we!
Please make consider making a donation now to the people and country of Japan
Dr. Paul

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