97 weeks until Presidential Elections-Obamacare Update

Road to 2012…

Will be back to my usual Wednesday review and selected commentary.
I will  try to limit effort to Obamacare (it may be hard to do some weeks)..keeping you up to date..
Please consider sending to friends, neighbors, colleagues…build your own coalition!
Now the news..

HHS is Paying Google with Taxpayer Money to Alter “Obamacare”

Commentary: Here is one you may not have seen and how the health care debate is being maniupulated by HHS.  Do not think for one minute other tactics will be used a bit more important when the HHS has the power through Section 1311  to do the same thing with your Doctor along with the infamous Independent Payment Advisory Board or IPAB (not IPAD, only wish it was)..15 people of who I am unable to find out their names and status that make 165 k per year of our tax dollars…maybe I should google it? Nah..would probably be a waste of time.

Medicare and your Doctor-Is your health at risk?


Commentary: Your doctor will be tracked those that participate with Medicare and will be punished if they don’t deliver quality care …quality care as defined by the chosen 15 +1=costs…To think that this will not be the case is simply naive.  Will our patients lose their best advocate? Doctors and their millions of patients who understand this must stand shoulder to shoulder.

Health Care Again Tops the Agenda, This Time of GOP -WSJ Today 1/5/2011


Obamacare Repeal-Just What These Doctors Ordered


We have given them the keys.

It is now up to us to make sure they stay on the road.

Long distance run and will be many ups and downs.

Keep your vision and be vigilant towards November 2012.

Best to all this year.


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