90 Weeks Until Prez Elections – Wed., March 9, 2011

Hot off the Press!
WSJ March 9-
Headaches for Patients and Doctors with Obamacare

Making Progress and Obamacare

Click here: Democrats Abandon Donald Berwick’s Nomination to Top Medicare and Medicaid Post
Cost and Obamacare
The Rent is too damn high section
2.6 trillion health law that Obamacare cost..
940 billion which what the final Obamacare vote was predicated on
At least to begin with ,16 million Americans onto the State Medicaid rolls to keep the federal price tag down,” ..
Present State collective $175 billion budget shortfall.
Remember that is just the start…* (see below)
Unless you are lucky to get a free pass like Maine got yesterday (perphaps a thank you for Snowe and Collins for their health care votes-just asking?)
and now consider:
*Track Record of Federal Govt projections:
Medicare-enacted in 1965-projections by 1990=9 billion cost
In fact by 1990=67 billion…
“I’m a believer”
Mickey Dolenz
The Monkeys
If you are not yet a believer consider…
Obamacare dress rehearsal-Massachusetts….
More cost issues and Obamacare
“Whats up with that”
Bad Insurance Companies bad…
“They are the villains in this”..
Nancy Pelosi- 7/31/09
“Fly monkeys Fly”-get it?
While the insurance companies do have their problems, lying and deceitful politicians are much worse…..
Keep the Faith. | Stay informed and engaged. | Be Happy.



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