T-minus 9 days

“Obama told the several dozen donors that he was offering them his “view from the Oval Office.” He faulted the economic downturn for Americans’ inability to “think clearly” .and said the burden is on Democrats “to break through the fear and the frustration people are feeling.”


My response:

We understand but we are thinking very clearly and we do understand what you have done and what you said you are going to do and we don’t agree!.

Our fear and frustration is not with the economic downturn but with you and your socialistic agenda and policies that you and this congress has created,!

Then quote from…
from Peggy Noonan-Opinion..
WSJ October 22nd, 2010

“This election is about one man, Barack Obama, who fairly or not represents the following: the status quo, Washington, leftism, Nancy Pelosi, Fannie and Freddie, and deficits in trillions, not billions. Everyone who votes is going to be pretty much voting yay or nay on all of that. And nothing can change that story line now”.

When we are all in the voting booth in 9 days, we need to understand WHO we are really voting for!
One vote-One day-One chance  

9 days until the midterm elections

(take out the garbage day!)

“Keeping the Mo-No”

Keep the


No letting up-vote

November 2, 2010

I hope you will pass on to all your friends.

Keep the faith and work hard to get our country back!

Paul Ehrmann
The Obamacare Disaster
by Peter Ferrara

To those in immediate area SE Michigan:


12:30 pm Sunday

Adat Shalom Synagogue

Middlebelt and NW Highway

Farmington Hills, Michigan

including Rocky and Gary Peters

Race for Congressional 9th district


Free admission. May want to arrive early?


Contact and see what you can do to help in the stretch run!

For Governor

Rick Snyder


For U.S. House of Representatives 9th District

Rocky Raczkowski


These emails are representative of my views only

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