T-minus 10 days

Shocking information!

Please read including embedded hyperlinks within this blog:
This is the foundation for what our President and what he has in store for you, your family and our country.
In my opinion, every incumbent in the U.S House and Senate that has voted for his agenda over the past 20 months, votes for this ideology and therefore is complicit with his intent.
Is this the country you want for you and your family?  If it is, do nothing to fight back in the next 10 days!
Polls indicated most of the electorate believe this midterm is a national referendum on President Obama and not a local vote. In order to prevail, those incumbent candidates that are accomplices by fact of their past voting record, are trying to distance themselves from this fact. It won’t work, we are on to them!
Do not get misled by all the spin and noise out there that is an attempt to distract us from the more fundamental long term objective and goal of this administration.
Focus on getting out to vote and help those campaigns that are in tight races as much as you can.  More to follow in the next couple of days.
One vote-One day-One chance  

10 days until the midterm elections

(take out the garbage day!)

“Keeping the Mo-No”

Keep the


No letting up-vote

November 2, 2010

I hope you will pass on to all your friends.

Keep the faith and work hard to get our country back!

Paul Ehrmann
The Obamacare Disaster
by Peter Ferrara

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