T-minus 16 days


“This was my
heart, my choice, and my health”(1)

Danny Williams, age 60, is the premier of Newfoundland, in Canada, the
land of “single payer” national health insurance who voluntarily entered the U.S. for his heart surgery

and a similar story….

Dr. Marc Siegel New York Post when he wrote about former President Clinton’s cardiac

care received in the U.S.

.”President Clinton, of course, got the best of care – a cardiac stent (a tiny
metal cylinder) coated with a drug to help keep his artery open.
Recent studies in the New England Journal of Medicine and
elsewhere have shown that these drug-eluting stents are more
effective than bare metal ones. But they cost two-to-four times
more – and the technology is relatively new. That combination has
left government-run health-care systems slow to adopt them
. … Per
capita, our neighbors to the North receive only half as many
coronary [operations]. And only 30 percent of the stents placed in
Canada are drug-eluting, compared to a whopping 80 percent in the
United States.

So a Canadian cardiac patient is less than a quarter
as likely as an American to be outfitted with the kind of
state-of-the-art stent that Clinton had. In Canada, land of single
payer health insurance, you’re also less likely to get the stent as
soon as the need is clear” (1)

and finally

The path that has been chosen for us against the will of the majority of the electorate…..

“The decision is not whether or not we
will ration care – the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes

Don Berwick, MD., congressional confirmless presidential appointed CMS Czar

speaking about the U.K.’s National Health Service which he would is planning it emulate and implement for all Americans.

16 days until the midterm elections

(take out the garbage day!)

“Keeping the Mo-No”

Keep the


No letting up-vote

November 2, 2010

I hope you will pass on to all your friends.

Keep the faith!

Keep working hard every day to get our country back on track.


Paul Ehrmann
Todays Resources
Must Read
The Obamacare Disaster
by Peter Ferrara



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