T-minus 20 days

No 1 key strategist for the Dems talking to his base
October 10,. 2010
But Plouffe said he remains optimistic that the Republicans have made as much traction as they are likely to make with that argument. In a nutshell, he said that the conservative wave has peaked a month before Election Day.

“They are going to have very good turnout,” Plouffe predicted. But he said: “I don’t see that getting a lot better for them. The point is, I don’t see another surge here.”

Then 2 days LATER objective poll refuting this assertion
October 12. 2010
Click here: Gallup poll shows GOP isn’t losing steam with likely voters – The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room


Is the Antivert kicking in yet!!
Better get your supply since much more of this expected the until election day.



20 days until the midterm elections

(take out the garbage day!)

“Keeping the Mo-No”

Keep the Momentum

No letting up-Nobamacare

vote November 2, 2010

I hope you will pass on to all your friends.

Keep the faith!

Keep working hard every day to get our country back on track.

Paul Ehrmann
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