No, You Can’t Keep Your Health Plan

Washington Post:
Click here: Scott Gottlieb: No, You Can’t Keep Your Health Plan –


Special election results of May 18th indicate that the even the Democratic primary winners ran against Obama many of the Obama agenda items…example below health care reform. Lets see if that is what they really feel or they will change their mind (bait and switch) if and when they get to D.C…

Harbinger of things to come in November?
Critz statement on the passage of health care reform

Congressional candidate Mark Critz released the following statement on the passage of health care reform legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives last night.

“No hardworking Western Pennsylvania family should be a diagnosis away from bankruptcy. We need health insurance reform but it must be done in a way that is consistent with our values. While this bill represents significant progress in reforming our broken healthcare system, there were flaws that would’ve kept me from supporting it. This bill was too expensive, particularly because the $940 billion price tag didn’t include the Medicare doctor fix that would prevent reimbursement cuts to physicians who treat Medicare beneficiaries. In Congress I’ll work to fix this bill because this issue is too important. I’ll work hard to strengthen and improve this legislation because that is what’s best for Western Pennsylvania.”


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