Monitoring of all internet and Mass is gaming the system and rationing care.

dick anderson, md from docs4patientcare

hal scherz md from docs4patientcare
Click here: Hal Scherz: Why the AMA Wants to Muzzle Your Doctor – WSJ.com

don berwick md and rationing

pg 1004 of law passed

Line 1-was effective during such period pursuant
2 to subsection (e)(2)(A).
3 ‘‘(ii) The proposal shall not include
4 any recommendation to ration health care,
now read this from don berwick md obama appointee nomination to head the center for medicare and medicaid…….

what an honest president would say by robert reich..obama advisor…this is what wojuld be spoken.
this is the agenda!

did not have enough time to analyze the cost before the vote.
HHS head Sebilius knew ahead of vote but said nothing


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