Very Important Action Alert!

Click here: Reid Amendment violates 8 Dems’ request for 72 hours |

I recognize on a Sunday there is not much we can do regarding the cloture vote (1am Monday), but we can regroup and make our feelings known to the Senators between Monday and the final Senate vote on Thursday Xmas Eve at 7pm if things stay the way that they are right now. If that happens, then we will have a chance to continue the message during the House-Senate conference in January. We must continue to stand up and fight. Things can change on a dime in D.C. and we are not throwing in towel!

Fax and call the following Senators ASAP:
Senator Landrieu Louisiana phone: 202 224 5824
fax: 202 224 9735
Senator Nelson Nebraska Phone: 202 224 6551
fax: 202 228 0012
Senator Lincoln Arkansas phone: 202 224 4843
Fax: 202 228 1371
Senator Webb phone: 202 224 4024
Fax: 202 228 6363
Senator Stabenow Mi Phone: 202 224 4822
Fax: 202 228 0325
Senator Levin Mi phone: 202 224 6221
Fax: 202 224 1388


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