This week, the Senate will consider yet another attempt to takeover our health care system.

It is what is referred to as the optional public option. Within many of its provision it contains, it allows states to opt out of the proposed public option federal plan.

Seems to me with this choice, states will be caught between a rock and a hard place and put in a no win position.

Why would states want to take this on themselves?
Hawaii and Maine have been tried in the recent passed and were failures. Massachusetts is presently working with their own plan as well. So far , it is not going very well.

If states decide not to opt out and stay with this proposed optional public option federal program, provisions within the bill will expand the Medicade program in the future. In Michigan, we are presently reeling from this broken program and could hardly do this. I would suspect that many other states are presently experiencing the same plight.

When given this choice of opting out or reverting to expanding the Medicade program through the proposed Federal plan, we are essentially given the choice of bad or worse., This proposal is just another one of a series of trojan horses to get us all on the incremental slow train to Canadian/UK style single payer system which this administration stated objective.

It does not matter what they call it anymore. The America people know that more State or Federal government role in your health care means less choice and more interference that will come between you and your Doctor.

As you read this, the effort for health care reform is being crated in a partisan way in a back room. Poll after poll has continued to show declines in public opinion in support of government overhaul as the majority of U.S. citizens feel their benefits will go down and cost will go up.

It is nothing less than the struggle between Capitalism and Socialism.

We the people must soon decide our fate.

Therefore, we must tell congress that any proposal that puts more control in the hands of bureacrats is not a good thing. We must tell them that we want to improve access, affordability and quality by reforming and improving insurance, legal abuse (tort) and waste, fraud and abuse in the present free market system for all U.S. citizens.


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