Health Care Reform: The Road to Socialism or Capitalism?

The Time to Speak is Now


In recent weeks, Uwe Reinhardt, Phd , Assistant Projessor of Economics at Princeton University, had said in a discussion with Al Hunt, chief editor of the Bloomberg News (

Americans have spoken and here is what they want:

· Patient’s should make their own decisions.
· Insurance companies and the government should not interfere under the guise of cost effectiveness.
· Insurance companies should be to provide all Americans with no mandates.
· Familes out of pocket payments should be limited and premuiums and taxes kept low.
· Medicare spiraling cost must be controlled without any curbs on payments so hospitals and doctors do not ration care due to less access of that care.

What we want we cannot have.

Most people agree that health care reform is needed with these goals and objectives.

The fundamental question of the health care reform from its inception has been if we cannot have all what is listed above, can we come close and in doing so, how do we get there?

If you believe that we should turn over 20% of our economy to the government in an attempt to improve medical care for the 6% of our U.S. citizens that are uninsurable and in doing so, risk degradation in terms of access, affordability and quality of health care for the remaining 94% of our populace, then you should support those leaders in Congress that are attempting to pass this form of legislation.

However, if you oppose this direction then you believe we can improve health care for all Americans through free market initiatives such as insurance, legal abuse (medical malpractice) and consumer reforms.

We are soon to be at that crossroad, however, we need to make sure that the choice is for the people to make through representation by their elected officials. Disturbing information from the Heritage Foundation last week states that there may be a secret plan in the works by those that support Obamacare with the objective of ramming legislation through as quicky as possible through dubious means. I would encourage all to read this report (

In 1921, Lenin said that “Medicine is the archway to Socialism”. We should weigh these words very carefully as the outcome from today’s health care reform will unequivocally sew the seeds toward creating a single payer health care system in the future. In a much larger and devious way, the laying this foundation may have the real potential of changing the ideology of what our founding fathers intended our country to follow.

Please make your voices heard. In the coming days to weeks, if there truly is a silent majority on this issue, now is the time to speak up. The future for you, your family and our country depends on it!

Paul R. Ehrmann, D.O.

Royal Oak


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