Health Care Reform and Bipartisanship?

The promise of bipartisanship took on a new meaning last week when Majority Leader in the Senate, Harry Reid-D-NV, made a statement after being given truth serum (post truth serum statement in parenthesis below)….

“We’ve always had a place at the table for Republicans. There’s one there today (have a seat in this electric chair). We hope it bears fruit,” he said. “

“If we can’t get the 60 votes we need, then we’ll have no alternative but to use the (divisive nuclear option) reconciliation procedure. (Therefore, as you can see), I strongly favor a bipartisan approach”. (and wish my fellow Senators and Representatives good luck in their reelection bids in 2010).

In addition, I guess those that opposed the bills got a little disenchanted with the “bipartisan” lip service from those that supported it after all the 35 different amendments proposed by the minority party in both the U.S. House and Senate were shot down for the most part, along straight partisan lines.

Regardless of how many times the President goes on TV, the trend of most Polls since July have shown that those that support the present legislation are losing ground among young adults, seniors and the critically important independent voters. As the debate on health care reform continues, it has become less about health care, health insurance, public options, public options with triggers, market exchanges, coops or moral imperatives. It is becoming increasingly clear that voters while not consistently rejecting the messenger are consistently rejecting the message. While the majority of the public want improved access, affordability and quality health care, they do not want it in the form of an expanded role of government and interference in the doctor patient relationship.

So last week a senior citizen got it right when he said to a Congressperson at a town hall meeting “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it is raining”. He gets it, like most of us do. It is what it is.


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