1. Read this article regarding Olympia Snowe-R (Maine)-(Sen Grassley and Enzi-the other members “gang of 6+-3 Dems and 3 Republicans from Finance committee in Senate negotiating behind closed doors)

2. Then Consider this statement……
“We are at a point to give it full throttle to get it over the finish line”
Rahm Emanauel-9/2/09- WSJ

3. Now consider this….
The administration is working hard on Senator Snowe to make her vote 60 in the Senate perhaps ahead of “the health care repackaging speech” this coming Wednesday. Her vote could allow this bad bill could get out of the Finance committee and reach the Senate floor and pass.

It appears that Sens Enzi and Grassley are holding the line as 2/3 of the “group of six” that are negotiating behind the scenes in the Senate Finance committee..I recognize that Senator Snowe may only listen to her constituents, however, I do not think it could hurt if we go into action and let her know how we feel.

Now and over the weekend, please call, write or email Olympia Snow office :
Phone: (202) 224-5344
Toll Free: (800) 432-1599
Fax: (202) 224-1946
Email: Need to fill out form at

and tell her…..(can come up with your own..just suggestion)

…that YOU SUPPORT health care reform by reforming the health insurance industry, tax code and malpractice laws, but DO NOT take life and death decision making out of the peoples hands and place them in the hands of the Government controlled Federal Health Board.

Poll after poll supports the idea that our country does not want a government overhaul of its health care system.

I ask you to oppose any efforts to do so. Like Senators Grassly and Enzi, we are depending on you to hold the line on this issue and not give in to any “trojan horse” form of health care that those that are in favor of this bad legislation are encouraging you to support.

Look for our weekly HCR update Tuesday am..Have a safe Labor day holiday!!!!

Engage, Educate, Advocate,

Dr. Paul

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